Kelas Inspirasi

Hello 2015! this is my very first post in this year, yeah i know i’ve been slow updating this blog in previous years. Hopefully not anymore! So, one of many memorable events in 2014 (not that i have a lot of events anyway) is becoming a volunteer in Kelas Inspirasi.

What is this Kelas Inspirasi? Kelas Inspirasi is a volunteer activity from Yayasan Indonesia Mengajar where professionals teach in an elementary school for a day, sharing about their profession and motivate the children in achieving their dreams. (I took and translared this definition literally from their official site

But wait, an elementary school? so you are teaching elementary school kid? Yes! Yeah i know handling even one kid in elementary school is hard, and we are talking about a class full of kids! that’ll multiply the problem even more. But hey, it turned out was not that bad! 😀 Continue reading “Kelas Inspirasi”