On A Door of Opportunity

Someone once said to me, “You will find a lot of door of opportunity in the following years”. They also said, “Sometimes you need to close one of the door in order for you to find others”. What they said seems good and logical, one door that you close will enable you to find other door leading you to possibly brighter different path.

What they didn’t know is the following: What if most of your doors that you’ve opened up until know are indeed the doors that define who you are. Doors that you constantly open while believing there will be some kind of hidden treasure in the end. Doors that you constantly open while they improve yourself in the process.

Or maybe, the perfect image that we built of this ideal goal only exist in our mind. Yes it’s good in the sense that it enables us to grow in our full potential, but it’s not real. Maybe we need to start realizing that life is not a maze where there is exist only one route to a goal. Life is indeed full of possibilities and offers multiple ways. It’s only up to us to explore what life brings.

But that’s only possible if we are brave enough to close one door and search another.

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