The Hierarchy of Needs

According to Abraham Maslow in his famous Hierarchy of Needs, commonly drawn as a triangle with leveled sections, we as human need to fulfill our basic needs at the base before we can fulfill our other needs in the top level. He split the triangle into two distinct sections: the four very bottom levels called “defficiency needs” (consists of Physiological, Safety, Love and Belongingness, Self-esteem) and the four very top levels called “growth needs” (consists of Cognitive, Aesthetic, Self-actualization, Self-transcendence). In order for us to fulfill something in the “growth needs” parts, we need to fulfill our “defficiency needs” parts, all of it, Maslow said. He also said that the two very top parts of the Hierarchy of Needs define the purpose of our life, self-actualization (fulfilling our personal potential) and self-transcendence (the need to move beyond the self and connect to something higher, such as God, or help others realize their potential).

But have you ever feel that when you feels so disconnected with God you feel that your whole needs are not fulfilled? You feel like you are living your life in such routine that makes you feel like an autonomous working zombie. Sometimes we need to see the Pyramid from the top, an aerial view. Sometimes we need to get closer to God in order for God to grant us with what we need in our life, and fulfill it.

So yeah, sometimes change in point of view is needed.

Credit, i adopt this material based on the book “The Psychology Book” p138 ISBN-13: 978-0756689704

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